Profilers application

profilers is an application written in IDL that provides you an easy way to visualize and analyze data from some meteorological instruments and models.

The initial idea was to create an application to visualize data from VertiX (vertically pointing X-band radar) and POSS (the precipitation occurrence sensor system, a disdrometer). With a user-friendly interface, the program would display the data from these 2 devices and give the user the opportunity to calibrate the reflectivity measured by VertiX using the reflectivity derived from the drop size distributions (DSDs) obtained from POSS.

With time, the application kept growing, offering more and more features and giving the possibility to visualize and analyze data from many other instruments. The most current version (3 allows the user to very easily study data from the following sources:

  • VertiX
  • UHF profiler
  • McGill S-band radar
  • MAS (Mesoscale Analysis System data)
  • POSS
  • Parsivel (laser disdrometer)
  • Thies (laser disdrometer)
  • WRF model
  • MRR-2 (Micro Rain Radar, K-band)
  • CASA radar
  • MMCR (cloud radar, W-band)

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Powering visualization and analysis



VertiX visualization

POSS visualization

McGill S-Band


Mesoscale Analysis System visualization

WRF model


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